Troublesome Love

Roses used as a thought of love.
Thorns attached but why are they painful?
Just like love, it is two faced.
The color red, in two places.
Dripping blood and the petals as well.

I chose to write about love, because I’ve been battling love for the past four years. Love has its happy moments along with its painful moments. I used the thorns to symbolize the hardships of love. I also used the rose petals to symbolize the happiness of love. The color red is represented with hearts for love, also the petals in a rose, but also to imagine the pain of a heart break. I mentioned blood because sometimes blood is represented with the color red as well, crucial feelings after a breakup or betrayal.

2 thoughts on “Troublesome Love

  1. jdwilner says:

    I like your first line especially, ZaQuaesha, and also the way, like Blake, you make your images double-edged – or “two-faced,” as you says. You want to be careful about your spellings – when you write “thrones,” you mean “thorns”; and you write “pedals” (like the petals on a bike) when you mean “petals.” I suspect if you slow down when you’re writing you’ll catch things like this. The beginning of your last sentence, “I mentioned blood because sometimes blood is represented with blood” feels like it was written very quickly.


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