Not the ordinary night out for a swim

The time I went for a swim,

Very different from the last time

The crowd was very slim,

I was thankful it was summertime.

But it caught my eye, from far away,

A large shadow who needed a pathway.


Dark and shallow, under the rock

A string ray dressed in blood.

I could barely continue the walk,

My eyes no longer bare, with tears they flood.

The walk to him felt forever,

I had to get to him sooner, not never.


Waves and wind bad mix,

The water keeps beating him,

Watching the water and sticks,

Flipping and toasting his body won’t limb.

Glad I didn’t come later,

Over night, I became a life saver.


I wondered and thought,

How could someone leave him there.

As I began to squat,

I tried hard not to tear.

Freeing him, discarding the rock,

I saved a life, still in shock.

One thought on “Not the ordinary night out for a swim

  1. jdwilner says:

    Fascinating the way you tell your own story – so different from Wordsworth’s – yet manage to interweave it with his in small but striking ways: “But it caught my eye, from far away” or “Waves and wind bad mix” (great line). You also keep up the rhyme pattern the whole way, but in away that doesn’t interfere with the conversational feel of the poem. Interesting work.


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