The Skating Episode Summary

Wordsworth uses imagery metaphors, such as “frosty season” (Line 455) and many more. He shares that this was a happy moment in life for him and also a happy moment for his friends as well. It was the evening time, the sun had just set and the clocked pointed at six. The ice is polished, meaning they are at a skating arena or they are outdoors and the water turned into ice. In the next line, he says “through the darkness and the cold we flew” (Line 468), wish reassures the reader, they are outside.

Wordsworth now uses sounds in his poem in the following stanza. Everyone was loud, but ironically the trees were leafless so the trees couldn’t make a sound. The sound of them gliding down, reminded Wordsworth of an alien sound. Thrusting imagery into the last line of this stanza, Wordsworth says “The orange sky of evening died away.” (Line 476) meaning, it is tremendously dark out now.

Wordsworth says he retired, meaning he is matured and has retired from his youth. He detaches from reality and takes an outlook of the moment. He sees the mountains far far away, as it gets darker. “Dreamless sleep” (Line 493) can imply death, or lack of movement, which then Wordsworth reflects on his moment and nature.

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