Reflective Essay

Zaquaesha Carter

May 20, 2016


Over the course of the semester, I learned that I need more practice with my writing. I developed a habit of writing an essay and not proof reading before submitting; thanks to this course, I now proof read and understand the importance of proof reading. When I first signed up for this course, I thought it would be easy based on the reviews I’ve read previously. The reviews weren’t wrong, but definitely worth taking. This course allows writers who struggle with syntax, and grammar to develop better writing skills.

The most important portion of the class was learning the background of each writer. Having the insight of the writers allowed me to read their works as if I personally knew them. The Wordsworth, brother and sister relationship was very interesting. The Wordsworths being the second writers we discussed sparked the entire semester and brought volume to their works. It took some time for me to understand William’s pieces based on his writing styles, but they were indeed enjoyable, and I had the desire to read more of his work because I knew his background.

Overall, I enjoyed this course. One important factor I will take into consideration in the future would be, “there’s more to literature than what’s written on the pages”. I also as a writer, must critique my work as I would someone else work.

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